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TRYGG SMT Single Lozange tire chains

TRYGG SMT Single Lozange tire chains

The Trygg “SMT Flexi” is available in 8mm and 9.5mm piton chain. This model more effectively replaces the agricultural ring chains used in the past. Manufactured to be easily adjustable by the user giving a perfect fit on tires. The removable section and the Trygg “Flexi Link” ensure a better fit without the use of tools. The chain fits perfectly on all brands of agricultural and industrial tires as well as new or used tires. The “SMT Flexi” is made of boron, nickel, chromium and manganese steel and hardened from one piece for maximum life. The eyebolts are oversized for added traction and to extend the life of the chain. Hardened hooks and hardened 8mm side chain are standard on both chain sizes. Excellent traction, smoother rolling, proven efficiency, a very versatile chain. A chain side tensioner is available on request.Simple lozange

Chaînes à piton TRYGG SMT Simple lozange
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