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Kronos Wood Loaders

Wood Loaders
Kronos Wood Loaders

Treat yourself to the best in Finland when it comes to timber loaders and trailers.

Kronos Gripto 608 I 609 I 708 I 709

Kronos Gripto cranes are now available in four new models: Gripto 608 and 608, as well as Gripto 708 and 709. The cranes are easy to operate and perfectly complement the larger Gripto 1009 and Gripto 1010 cranes. The Gripto 700 series is available with Smart Boom Control, which makes steering more convenient than ever. Gripto offers well-protected pipes inside the second ramp to the rotator. The pipe size is also large enough to achieve maximum speed with minimum pressure losses.



  • Phenomenal precision and rapid movements

  • Electronic cushioning on extensions (700 series), optional (600 series)

  • Protected pipes inside the outer boom and towards the rotator

  • Intelligent boom control, optional (700 series)

The Kronos 91/100/120/121/140/150/160 4WDM Range is a range of trailers for those looking for maximum performance on rough terrain. Forwarders with the traffic advantages of tractors, designed to withstand uneven loads and steep terrain.

The trailers are equipped with a propulsion system with a NAF bogie unit which is popular with forwarders and combines. Often equipped with a differential lock and oil-immersed disc brakes. The power transmission features a slip coupling to protect against temporary overloads. Standard equipment includes decoupling with integrated monitoring protection that alerts if speed exceeds 10 km/h when the drive is activated. Wagons can be equipped with chains or tracks.



  • High driving force

  • Differential lock

  • High ground clearance

  • Heavy chassis for large cranes and large loads

  • Powerful load carriers, well known in the carrier industry

  • Y-shaped drawbar or normal boom with frame guide

  • Functions supervised by a controller

  • Hydraulic chassis extension

  • Crane tilting with an angle of +5 to -25°, optional

  • Centralized lubrication system

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