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Felling grapple for loaders

Felling grapple for loaders

Biojack 400S felling grapple for crane, loader

2-in-1 Grapple Saw Load Cutter

This felling grapple is perfect for thinning and harvesting wood energy. It is appreciated for its wood loading and sorting capabilities. Its compact structure allows it to be used in urban felling, to remove a tree from the branches to the stump, in complete safety.

  • 315 kg

  • 40 cm

Cutting is done by the chainsaw. After cutting, the saw guide sits in the grapple housing, allowing wood to be loaded.

Three hydraulic hoses are required (pressure, return, and free return directly to the oil tank). The saw is activated by an in-cab electric control, which requires an electric cable or wireless control for unlimited rotation.

Thanks to the tilt function, the grapple can be used for felling and loading logs.

  • For thinning work, wood energy, urban felling

  • Excellent wood handling properties

  • Flexible operating cycle

  • Lubrication of the saw chain thanks to the dedicated oil tank

  • 2 hydraulic lines (pressure and return) and 1 free return line (leakage oil), 1 electrical line or wireless control

  • Basic machine: tractor, carrier, truck



315 kg

Max cutting diameter

400 mm

Grapple opening

850 mm

Total height in felling position

600 mm

Hydraulic flow (5 cc or 10 cc saw motor)

60-70 L/min ou 80-100 L/min

Operating pressure (total pressure — back pressure)

200-250 bar

Max back pressure

20-30 bar

Minimum pressure and return lines


Free return line, min. (drain)


Wireless control

12V / 24V

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