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Biojack 160 pruning grapple for crane or excavator

Biojack 160 pruning grapple for crane or excavator

The Biojack 160 cutting grapple

Grapples available for cranes or excavators from 2.5 t to 20 t

For wood energy, the Biojack grapples are impressive with a large cutting capacity for a device of this size. It is perfectly suited to the exploitation of low quality young trees and wood energy, very popular for cleaning roadsides and fields. 

Thanks to its mobile blade, it is the favorite of farmers for cutting and removing thickets, without special intervention on the grapple. No need to disassemble the blade; it retracts into the grapple frame after cutting and wood handling is then possible. 

Installation is quick, nothing more to do than connect the pressure and return hoses. The properties of the grapple ensure a low cut and a clean result.

2 in 1 – Cutting and Loading 

  • For the exploitation of small woods, for example in plantations, roadsides, fields and watercourses

  • Large cutting capacity

  • Moving blade

  • No need for additional hydraulic lines, just pressure and return hoses

  • Cutting at ground level > low stumps

  • Flexible operating cycle

  • Basic machine: mini excavator (2-5 t), telescopic forklift

  • Quick couplers available: S40, S45, S50, S60 and NTP10

Other models available for excavators up to 20 t

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