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Tajfun Grapple

Tajfun Grapple


Tajfun grapples combine the combination of strength and resistance properties in addition to fast, fluid and efficient work. Which makes the Tajfun grapple a real help when loading and unloading wood.


  • The housing and jaws are made of durable, high-strength steel.

  • Optimal grapple jaw design

  • High quality welded joints

  • Bronze bushings with lubrication channels

  • Good cushioning in final position of the grapple cylinder

  • Weight 155 kg

  • Load 40 kN

  • Clamping force with open grapple 21 Mpa 10 kN

  • Clamping force with semi-open grapple 21 Mpa 14 kN

  • Working pressure 21 Mpa

Ask SM AUDET EQUIPEMENT for other models.

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