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Biojack 300 Harvester Pro roller head

Felling Heads
Biojack 300 Harvester Pro roller head

Developed for the demanding conditions of initial thinning and the production of delimbed logs for energy wood and industrial wood.

This harvester head is the result of several years of development in partnership with users. It has a solid and lightweight structure for intensive use. 

It is equipped with a cutting unit, drive rollers and three delimbing blades. Length measurement is included as standard on the PRO version, with the Logger® control system, and volume calculation is optional. Saw chain lubrication is automated and works with the dedicated chain oil reservoir.

Professionals will appreciate the SuperCut 100 cutting unit with automatic chain tension. 

  • 3 delimbing blades (1 fixed and 2 mobile)

  • Delimbing and training with 2 rollers

  • Chain saw cutting

  • Automatic length measurement, standard

  • Diameter measurement and volume calculation, option

  • Logger® control screen, module and manual controls included (in cab)

  • 3 hydraulic lines (pressure, return, free return), 1 CAN bus electrical cable (15 m, supplied)

  • Basic machine: tractor, excavator (max 9 t)

Download PDF • 4.31MB

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