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Biojack 330 Roller Head

Felling Heads
Biojack 330 Roller Head

Biojack 330 roller harvester head for excavators from 8T. with the best value for money in America. The 330 Biojack is an efficient and lightweight harvester head for harvesting small timber, 1st & 2nd thinning with delimbed timber production.

The Biojack 330 has been tested and improved by operating professionals in Europe (Finland).

Equipped with:

  • 4 delimbing blades, powerful drive motors,

  • wide V-Tec Multi-trunk rollers for maximum grip,

  • of the SuperCut 100 saw unit with automatic chain tension,

  • of the LOGGER® control system, as standard. All inclusive,

  • for 430 kg.

The Biojack 330 is a major advance designed for minimal weight. Its balance and resistance, in Hardox® with a smooth tilt and good durability.

All internal components are easily accessible and the hoses are at the rear, out of the work space, in the felling or delimbing position. The head as a whole is compact and well protected.

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